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Implementation of Hospital Information System and Electronic Health Record for the Province of Gauteng, South Africa

Department of Health of Gauteng Province, Republic of South Africa

A Consortium (BAOKI) between AMEtHST (a joint venture between AME Africa Healthcare (Pty.) Ltd. and Health Systems Technologies (Pty.) Ltd.) and Equiton Investments (Pty.) Limited, all of South Africa.

Sub Contractors
Siemens Ltd., Tiani Spirit

Project Description
To implement the Siemens Soarian MedSuite HIS, the Tiani Spirit Electronic Health Record (E.HR) and the Speedminer Business Intelligence System in 37 hospitals (approx. 17.000 beds) and 400+ clinics for the Gauteng DoH. This will cover the whole - approx. 10 million - population of Gauteng, including training for 20,000+ staff and is to be completed in 3 years.

Proof of Concept (Sebokeng Hospital, 700 beds plus 3 clinics) was completed in September 2008;
roll out commenced in November 2008, but was delayed due to budget problems.

Project Highlights
Supply and implementation of Siemens Soarian MedSuite Hospital Information System for 37 Hospitals and the Tiani Spirit Electronic Health Record for 400+ clinics and Community Health Centres.

Project Duration
Nov 2008 - 2009
The project was stopped by the Provincial Government in 2009 due to budget problems and is since in arbitration proceedings