AME - Beteiligungs- und Handels GmbH


Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, Durban, South Africa

Department of Health, KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government

IMPILO Consortium (Pty.) Ltd.
SMI being shareholder and operating sub-contractor for IT

Project Highlights
Newly constructed 840 bed general Hospital has contracted the implementation and operation of Medical Equipment, Facility Management and Total Hospital Information System (T.H.I.S.). The project has been awarded on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis for a period of 15 years.

Project Duration
Feb 2002 - Feb 2017

Project Scope of AME Africa

  • EMR - Electronic Medical Record
  • PACS - Picture (images) Archiving and Communication System
  • RIS - Radiological Information System
  • LIS - Laboratory Information System
  • PIS - Pharmacy Information System
  • HIS - Hospital Information System
  • Critical Care System (for ICU/CCU/HDWS/OT)
  • Administration & Financial Systems
  • Human Resource Management System

The services provided are:
  • Planning & System Design
  • Procurement
  • System Integration
  • Testing & Commissioning of all medical departments in stages
  • Training & Change Management
  • Maintenance & Operation
  • Full Outsourcing (24/7)

Contract Value
EUR 90 million (AME Africa Portion)
EUR 450 million (IMPILO)

Tender issued: November 2000
Contract signed: December 2001
First patient: June 2002
Implementation completed: August 2003

What makes it special?

  • Time to financial close - less than 12 months between the original tender notice and financial close; less than 6 months between preferred supplier selection and financial close.
  • Complexity - design and construction of the building was not included in the PPP contract. Significant effort was needed by both parties to reach agreement on the condition of the building, on remedial works and on the assumption of risk for building related issues. In addition, the inclusion of integrated IM&T, FM services and medical equipment added complexity to a large, long-term contract.
Financial engineering - in addition to the normal funding requirements (the consortium dealt with currency risk) - the South African Rand devalued steadily throughout the negotiations. This was handled by hedging contracts and Euro asset replacement accounts.

In 2007, in accordance with the 15-year PPP contract and the “State of the Art” requirement of the contract, AME Africa performed a complete refresh of the hardware for IALCH covering servers, storage, PC's, notebooks, printers, etc.
Furthermore, the clinical system was replaced to provide latest technology, including the Siemens Soarian MedSuite Hospital Information System in 2010/2011.