AME - Beteiligungs- und Handels GmbH

We manage integrated IT services for your hospital

We are an independent system integrator - a global pioneer in implementing highly complex ICT systems, such as seamless and fully integrated Total Hospital Information System (T.H.I.S.), in particular for complex PPP health projects, since more than 20 years.

We took over the business of healthcare PPP projects from AME International GmbH in 2013, focused on Africa especially in South Africa, Botsuana and Namibia.

We started in a UK PFI/PPP hospital in 2001 and very sucessfully operate since 2002
a 15 year PPP hospital contract in South Africa.

AME was established in Austria in 1995 as a healthcare service company.

As AME international GmbH the consolidated turnover for all lines of business in 2012
was around EUR 60 Mio.